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Compact And Sophisticated Makeover.

We were asked to design and supply new joinery for a renovation at an upmarket location in the Cape Town city centre.

This living space was built quite a few years ago and really needed some attention. The utilization of space was poorly designed and the finishing had become tired and old fashioned.

Let’s take a look at how we transformed this apartment into something quite different with some applied thought and design:


The main living area was dominated by a row of cupboards contained the geyser, washing machine tumble dryer and other items. A small kitchen was hidden away to the left of these cupboards.

The kitchen was tucked away, almost as an afterthought.

Only large enough for one person at a time to work in, it was impossible for a person to prepare a meal, drink a glass of wine and chat to another.

Bathrooms were dark, old fashioned, cluttered and with little thought paid to ergonomics.

We decided that the kitchen area had to be brought into the living area. Not only would this open the whole room up, it would enable a person using the area to still be able to have a relaxed conversation with another. We believe that the kitchen has become the most lived in area of a home and there is no reasons why they should not be designed as such.


Without doing and major structural work, we broke out the dividing wall between the living area and the old kitchen.

We moved the cooking section against the back wall and moved the washing machine and tumble dryer into the rear area. The geyser stayed where it was.

The prep area was brought into the living space and a large breakfast table was added.

We are very please with the final result, the space seems much bigger, and much easier for someone to work in.

The bathrooms were simplified, tiles were removed and the existing nib walls and ledges were used to create a lit bulkhead surrounding the mirror.

New flooring added to the effect and the floating vanities gave the room a much larger and less cluttered feel.

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